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Shoptextloans.co.uk is a financial site that helps UK residents in getting text loans in instant time. We are in link with most of the top text loan lenders of UK & so we arrange best loan deals customers with best comparison offered from best loan lenders on the basis of rate of interest or APR. If you are going through a cash crunch time and have small expense over your head which is urgent then you can use text loan services to get cash to solve your problem. These loans by text are the perfect financial aid for small kind of cash needs. You can term them as short term loans that can be availed by sending a sms to the lender or via application form on our website.

Know the definition of text loans, know what exactly they are

Instant text loans are short term loans between £100 - £500 & you can avail amount between this depending on your current requirement & ability to pay back. They are designed for short time period and within 7 days you have pay back the loan amount including interest otherwise you have face some penalty charges. With above discussion we concluded that they are similar to payday loans but only difference is the repayment term of 7 days.

Some features of text loans service one must know before opting for it
  1. You can avail online text loans by sending a message to lender or by applying online
  2. Instant text loans approves on quick basis, as lenders do few checks over it
  3. The loan amount after approval is wired same day in your account.
  4. The interest rate charged is higher for these loans due to short period
  5. Txt loan service can be availed if your monetary needs are small in case you need more cash then you should opt for other lending service around.
  6. The repayment is easy, the loan amount is debited from your bank on due date automatically.
Eligibility criteria requited before opting for payday text loans
  1. He/she must be over 18 years of age & must be a UK resident
  2. Applicant must have minimum intake of £750 per month as salary
  3. A valid bank account, must be minimum 6 months old for online transactions
  4. Proper contact details like email, mobile, phone etc.

If you can meet all these above given simple criteria’s then you are most eligible to apply for these text loans uk.

How to apply for text loans via shoptextloans

This text a loan is very simple and easy to get, you can apply for these text loans by sending a sms to the lender or you can also apply via online application form available on the website free of cost. Just fill your details which are required and submit the form and that are it. Please provide your correct details otherwise your form will be discarded right away.

When you send a sms to the lender via mobile you will get a pin number via message, send that again to the lender with the amount you want as a loan, in quick time you will get a message from lender as approval of your text loan. Keep that number with you because if you are using same lender again then you can use that pin number for future purpose. If you are going with new lender then you have to get a new pin number again. You can also apply for these text payday loans online via application form at shoptextloan. At earliest your loan request would be forwarded to appropriate lender according to your requirements so that you can get quick decision. Once your loan is approved the amount will be wired in our bank in few hours. Doesn’t panic in cash crunch situation just get quick monetary assistance via shop text loans today?

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